According to projections, in 2050 Africa will be the geographica lregion with the highest population growth worldwide, which will have important consequences for international migration and will have great repercussions on the economic development of continent.People will move, as they have always done.Therefore, the question to ask is not whether there will be population displacements, but where will be oriented and under what circumstances and conditions will happen,in order to unleash the potential economic of these displacements. The full use of tha tpotential will require greater efforts to establish a vision of migration management that contributes better to the structural transformation of the African continent.

In the EconomicDevelopment in Africa Report 2018: Migration and Structural Transformation (Economic Development Report in Africa 2018 Migration and structural transformation) the general patterns of migration are analyzed continental and the contribution of the diaspora to the structural transformation of the countries of origin.

The conclusions of the report open new perspectives that allow the UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development ) formulate policy recommendations for country governments africans and those interested in migration from outside the continent.

The report will affirms that african migration can play a fundamental role in the transformation structural of the economies of Africa. A well managed migration is also an important means to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, in Africa and outside the continent.

The report adopts an innovative narrative, focused on the human aspect, which analyzes the way in which migrants contribute to the structural transformation and describes opportunities to absorb labor supplementary in different sectors throughout the continent.